Rainy Days

It's raining for once here where I live. So I've had a nice relaxing day enjoying the petricore. I swear that desert rain smells different then rain any where else. I've been hard at work on the CG side of things and I hope I have something else fun to show soon!




A Very short animation I did in Blender! The zombies are stolen borrowed from No More Room In Hell or Resident evil.... This was a lot of fun to animate!

I spent a few hours tweaking things and I'm still not happy with the animation results. there's a lot of clipping and very few original assets... That being said this was rendered at a surprisingly low sample count for an interior scene at only 1000 samples a frame with no denoising. I want to animate a whole zombie movie someday like the animated Resident Evil trilogy.

As a side note, The bat I made for this shot is now up for download on the resources page!

As for other updates I added a few more videos I found on my harddrive to the Webm archive... That name makes little sense as none of the videos are currently Webm's.... Anywho Thats all for today!



Did I ever tell you that I LOVE Fallout NV.

I listened to the whole Mojave soundtrack in one sitting tonight and thought I'd post about it....
Am I dumb or is this like a normal okay thing to do?
I guess it doesn't matter
Here's some Tunes!



Settings and Sidelines

Hello there! Here you may find anything from 3d assets to the occasional digital art piece! I don't have too much to show yet but I hope to have quite the archive here one day!

I recommend that you have a look around. When I built this place only God and I knew what was here. Now only God knows. I suppose thats the way of the beast though isn't it?

All Them Witches - "Alabaster"